February 13th 7.15-9.15pm
Members $30 Non- Members $35

Workshop Content:

📿 Anatomy of the Mind – What are the components of the mind? Learn to recognise internal landmarks and navigate your way through these turbulent waters with ease.
📿 Discover – The purpose of meditation, how it can positively impact your life, and the many techniques.
📿 Art of Attention – Let’s practice! Starting with grounding & pranayama we move into meditation.
📿 Open forum – Ask questions and share insights about our experiences to encourage and inspire each other.

Suitable for all levels
Includes a FREE follow-up 30 minute meditation class at House of Yoga.

We’ll be adding at least one 30 minute pranayama & meditation class to the weekly timetable. We will collaborate with INSIGHT attendees to choose a day & time that suits most.



February 21st & 28th 6-7am
Price: House of Yoga standard class prices apply

Hello! My name is Alessandra Oram. I am part Kiwi, born in Hong Kong and raised in the United Kingdom. My work as an Architect brought me back to Hong Kong for over 7 years, until my passion for yoga and desire for a change in lifestyle brought me to Barcelona, Spain where I now reside.

I will be sharing my practice of Navakarana Vinyasa with you all, which is quite a fast paced, method of Vinyasa. I really look forward to sharing this practice together with the yoga community of House of Yoga! The Mount is a very special place to me, as I have been visiting my family here since learning to walk! 

All series that I teach have options for every level from beginner to advanced. Be prepared to raise your body heat as we synchronise these choreographed series with the breathe. Please expect to do some inversions, arm balances and strengthening poses during the practice.

I so look forward to being back at the Mount and very blessed to the open doors and warmth from the House of Yoga family. See you all very soon!


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