Haven’t tried it? Think you are too stiff, too old, or too unfit? Yoga is for everyone. If you can breathe, you can do yoga.

One on one lessons provide the time and space to individualize the practice of yoga. The lessons can be a catalyst to deepen one’s experience of yoga in a safe supportive environment. People attend one on one lessons for a variety of reasons including:

  • Beginners interested in understanding the fundamentals of yoga before attending classes
  • Postural re-education addressing postural patterns that may be contributing to fatigue, pain, or imbalance
  • Healing or recovery from a specific injury or health condition. We work with injuries by modifying specific poses to help speed progress in the healing process, (i.e shoulder, wrists, back and knees)
  • Deepening one’s regular practice
  • Safely learn more advanced poses like arm balances, headstands, handstand
  • Developing a personalized home or travel practice

Private sessions can be designed for any level.

Call us to discuss your current fitness and health, any pre-existing medical conditions or injuries and your expectations. We will work together on a program that works in your time to progress through your yoga practice.

Have a wedding coming up? We provide private group classes at your destination or ours to start your special day out right. We’ve also taught a yoga class for guests at the wedding after-match function!

Want to bring yoga to your work place? Let’s chat! We have a variety of wellness programs and options and would love to talk more.


Private for one – $75
Private for two – $100
Private for three – $120
4 of more? Please get in touch for a quote.

Email or Call us on 07 572 4994 or 021 616 442 for any private or group enquiries.


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