No one should feel intimidated in joining any yoga class. We offer many different styles of yoga and can help you make the best class choices. Ask our yoga advisors or experienced teachers for guidance. Please check with your physician and let your teacher know prior to class if you have any form of injury or serious illness, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.


This class is the perfect stepping stone for you to join regular classes at the studio with confidence, safety and most importantly the positive effects of time on your mat. The class will focus on foundation poses, alignment, breath in a welcoming and non-intimidating environment.  You will get extra instructions and assistance from the teacher.
This class is also suitable for any students who wish to revisit the fundamentals of yoga and check their current practice. Come and ask the teacher your questions. But please honour the teacher’s cues – it’s not appropriate to practise an advanced pose in Beginners Yoga.

PACE – Slow


Our Slow Flow classes are light and creative, but slower paced. Postures are generally held for longer periods and the transitions between poses are a little slower. The more gentle nature of this class is great for beginners but is also wonderful for intermediate and advanced students who feel like slowing it down and sinking deeper into their practice.

PACE – Slow


A flowing sequence of postures that synchronizes the breath with movement. This invigorating practice has a focus on core strength, breath awareness and weaves principles of alignment and energetic movements while honouring the deep connection of mind, body and spirit. Each instructor offers unique sequencing that includes standing, balancing, seated and inverted postures. All levels welcome.

PACE – Medium


A faster-paced, more intense version of Flow, including the dynamic connection of movement with breath focused on endurance, flexibility, and strength. This practice is a total body workout that creates longer, leaner muscles and a body with more mobility to improve circulation.

PACE – Medium


Core Flow Yoga is a great way to safely strengthen the core, while calming and relaxing the mind at the same time. Each class will incorporate traditional abdominal work, asana (postures) and breath work – all with an emphasis on developing the power that lies at the core center of the body.

While focusing on poses that strengthen the core muscles, this class will help improve core stability while increasing flexibility. Increasing your core strength will help build up protection for your lower back and help you move more efficiently.

PACE – Medium


Hustle + Flow (formally named deep stretch) is a fusion of Power & Yin Yoga. Beginning with a high intensity flow for the first half of the class to get the heart pumping and the body warm before we sink into the body and take it real slow with a few deep release, long hold poses.

Each week will take a different anatomical approach, allowing target specific areas the attention they deserve.

PACE – Fast to start then Slow to finish


Vinyasa powered up! Get ready to work hard and sweat it out. This energetic and challenging class integrates the breath with movement and builds strength, flexibility and core stability. Sequences include standing, balancing, seated, twisting and inverted postures that will keep your yoga practice fresh and lively. The more you invest in this class, the more benefits you will see; where you want to take your practice is up to you. Flow class experience recommended.

PACE – Medium to Fast


The Rocket is no ordinary yoga class. It is athletic Vinyasa taught in a fun and friendly way. Rocket Yoga is a dynamic and faster paced method of set sequences which make you both flexible and strong. It invigorates the body, builds strength and confidence & gets you there faster!
Sequences include standing, balancing, seated, twisting and inversions that will keep your practice fresh and lively. The more you invest in this class the more benefits you will see. Flow class experience recommended.

PACE – Medium to Fast


Unlike a Vinyasa flow class, Yin Yoga involves holding postures for a longer period of time. A gentle class focusing on deep twists, bends, and folds designed to improve flexibility and range of movement.

Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to stronger, more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga and exercise such as running, walking, hiking, and biking.

PACE – Slow


This class is designed to reduce tension caused by everyday stress. We will begin by stretching the large postural muscles of the body and then move into gentle, classic yoga postures. The second half of the class will be spent in restorative postures. Various props are used to totally support the body, allowing the muscles to fully relax, the brain to quiet, and the spirit to experience peace and restoration. Appropriate for all levels, including those new to yoga or recovering from injury or illness.

PACE – Slow


A great way to gradually improve suppleness and strength through gentle exercise in preparation for labour and child birth. Relaxation techniques are used to adjust easily to changes that naturally occur during pregnancy. Sign up to our newsletter to keep informed on upcoming prenatal yoga workshops.

PACE – Slow



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