We are super excited to let our community know that we have a new service to add to the therapy menu; joining our growing team of awesome humans is acupuncturist Flo – working her needling magic!
Flo has been an acupuncture practitioner for over 20 years. She first trained in Eastern/Chinese acupuncture and then extended her education to include dry needling and trigger point needling for sports and musculoskeletal injuries.
Prior to her return to Tauranga in 2021, Flo worked overseas with elite athletes and sports teams. She has worked with national sports teams from New Zealand, Australia, the UK, Russia, Hong Kong and China and has been to 5 Olympic Games!
“I believe there is a strong and undeniable link between the mind and body and that pain, injury, stress and wellness are intimately connected. My philosophy is to address these factors through acupuncture, mindfulness and energy balance. I am committed to guiding you through your journey to wellness by being an expert, positive and empathetic practitioner.”


Acupuncture is a therapeutic practice that entails delicately inserting ultra-thin needles into specific points on your body. Originating from traditional Chinese medicine, it primarily targets pain relief. However, its application has expanded to encompass broader wellness goals, such as stress alleviation.

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