Our trained, experienced teachers offer 25 Vinyasa, Ashtanga Flow, Yin, Hot, Pregnancy & Restorative classes per week. We have 10 teachers to give you variety and to prevent teacher burnout & inattentiveness.

Our teachers offer a range of styles and backgrounds and all focus on your safety & having fun. 

We also host visiting teachers and workshops such as Inversions, Beginners & Yoga Nidra.

Welcome to House of Yoga.


Senior Teacher – Vinyasa + Yin

Stephanie’s passion for yoga is based on her background in dance. After dancing for 20 plus years she decided to try her first Yoga class and found a profound connection not only to the physical, but also to the spiritual side of Yoga.

She has been teaching several styles of Yoga in Dallas, Texas since 2010 including Vinyasa, Kids Yoga, and Kundalini. Yoga, especially meditation, is part of Stephanie’s everyday life and she wants nothing more than to help others realize the benefits of the practice.

E-RYT 500


Senior Teacher – Ashtanga Flow + Hot

Megan has been practicing various disciplines of Yoga for over 20 years. She naturally progressed into teaching after a Bikram teacher training in Los Angeles in 2004. She taught Bikram in the Bay of Plenty until moving to Wellington where she completed a 500hr Ashtanga Teacher Training and taught regularly at studios.

Discovering The Rocket she was hooked and completed a 300hr training in the It’s Yoga International/The Rocket System. At present Megan and her partner Dave are the only Rocket teachers in New Zealand. 

Within her teaching and practice Megan likes to foster the blend between ease and effort, the movement within stillness. Yoga has taught her breath and shown her clarity, perspective and patience.

E-RYT 500


Senior Teacher – Ashtanga Flow

Dave’s Yoga practice started with Bikram and Ashtanga Yoga in 2005. His current focus is practicing and teaching Rocket Yoga, which he enjoys for its mix between flexibility, strength, balance, technique and stamina. He completed a 200hr Ashtanga and also a 100hr Rocket Teacher Training both with It’s Yoga International. 

To him Yoga relieves the tightness and stress from exercise and daily life. Dave has got a number of old injuries to work around so can appreciate what you might be working with. He can help you modify postures to suit your body, so that you feel safe, comfortable and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

E-RYT 500


Teacher – Vinyasa + Yin

Tish’s journey to health began when she started practicing yoga, which lead her to India to complete her 200hr yoga teacher training. Now for her, yoga is much more than asana – it is a lifestyle. She cannot emphasise enough, how cultivating a deep sense of love and compassion for yourself can have such a profound impact on our hauora.

Tish has 5+ years experience with 300hrs combined yoga and meditation training. She has also spent the last year Retreat Leading at the Award-Winning Aro Ha Wellness Retreat. Her approach is soulful, allowing you to create space in your body to breathe fully and notice what you notice. She guides somatic yin, vinyasa flow, and sound healing journeys with crystal bowls, shamanic drums and much more!

Welcome to the team Tish!

RYT 300


Teacher – Vinyasa

Lena has always been a passionate dancer and through dance she found her interest in yoga – connecting both body & mind on a deeper level.

Her classes range from slow restorative to dynamic vinyasa flow. Lena encourages her students to practice with a sense of freedom and provides opportunities to be creative and explore what suits you best. In class she strongly believes it is crucial to move in a way that is safe and comfortable for your own body and by doing that, the benefits of yoga go beyond just the physical (asana) practice.

RYT 200


Teacher – Vinyasa

Being a dancer from a very young age, Yoga has always been part of Sarah’s journey. 

She completed her initial teacher training with Vincent Bolletta in New Zealand and continues to grow through an ongoing mentorship and training programme. More recently she has been diving deeper into the teachings of Kundalini Yoga.

Sarah’s classes flow in a Vinyasa rhythm and open us to grounding, fluidity, balance, stability, refinement and meeting one’s subtle edge with ease and grace. She encourages curiosity and loves to empower students to cultivate their own personal relationship to their practice through attention to breath, movement dynamics, integrated alignment, and transitions. 

RYT 200
KRI 200 Level 1


Senior Teacher – Vinyasa, Core + Yin

Yoga has become an integral part in Barry’s life. With a background in fitness and naturally having a competitive mindset, his Yoga journey connected the dots between his physical activities and his intuition as well as attitude towards health and life in general. 

Barry is a 500hr qualified teacher, has a diploma in reflexology, is a certified surf instructor, first aider and personal trainer with more than 20 years experience as a fitness coach. He has a strong background in physical training techniques, anatomy and physiology which he utilises when delivering traditional yoga systems of Hatha, Ashtanga, Flow, Power, Yin, and Restorative. His classes are informative with attention to detail.

RYT 500


Owner & Teacher

Jane first fell in love with yoga in 2001 when she lived opposite an Ashtanga studio in London, and more recently she managed two yoga studios in Auckland. She completed her 200hr Yoga Teacher Training with Adele Kinghan & Rise Yoga, to deepen her own practice and be a better studio owner.

Jane’s vision is for House of Yoga to continue to be a beautiful, calm space to nourish your body, mind & spirit. Her priority is to look after our wonderful teachers, so that they in turn can look after you on the mat. She loves collaborating with teachers & the community to bring you interesting workshops, events and a variety of classes.

RYT 200


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